The Ten Things You Have To Know
If You Want to Grow your Own Grapes
and Make Your Own Wine!

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Dear Friend,

Welcome to the Total Wine System. All the information you will need to know before embarking on the exciting journey into wine making, is right here.

My name is Michael James, and I want to share with you some basic information on Growing Grapes and Making Wine. I am so passionate about this that I am willing to share a 10-part mini-course with you for FREE. That’s right it is FREE.

Feel free to browse the links on this site for more information about growing grapes and making wine, or sign up for my 10-part email course below, where you’ll receive one email per day directly into your email box. There is no cost or obligation for this course and we do respect you privacy, therefore we will not sell or share your email address with anyone. As part of this course we also share our newest inexpensive wine recommendation, which is a continuation of our Frugal Wine Sippers Journal.

My 10-part mini-course contains information about:

  1. How to start your vines to create your own vineyard.
  2. Early vineyard care and how to establish healthy vineyard stock.
  3. The essentials of vineyard management even if you only have one or two vines.
  4. All the tools and equipment you will need to turn those grapes from grape juice into your own delicious wine.
  5. How to pick the perfect grapes for wine making. It all starts with good grapes and the better the grapes the better your wine making results.
  6. The basics of wine making. Actually these secrets will set you on the right course toward the perfect bottle of wine.
  7. The secrets of great white wine making. How to harvest, sort, juice and rack the wine for best results.
  8. Now for the secrets of red wine making. Red wine making is an entirely different process and the best reds use these techniques to get the best results.
  9. OK, now that you have followed all the steps its time to put the wine in a bottle. Covers the basics of what you need to know.
  10. A brief overview of the types of wine to give you an overview of the wine scene. We discuss what wine goes with what food best and other goodies.

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