Grape Trellis – From Plant Support to Maximum Fruit Production

You definitely need grape trellises if you plan to grow your own grapes for winemaking. An interwoven structure is necessary for supporting the grapevines. But more than just keeping the plant propped up, a trellis can allow aspiring winemakers to grow their own grapes in a small space like their backyards. And even if you are fortunate enough to have several acres of land, you would still need trellises for your grapes because these vines just can’t bear fruits on the ground like watermelons or pumpkins.

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A grape trellis can come in any shape or material imaginable. As a matter of fact, you can choose between a decorative and a functional trellis. A decorative trellis is ideal for smaller backyard vineyards. Obviously, this type of structure will be made in such a way that it can adorn your mini-plantation. If you cannot afford to make your home look like a jungle, decorative trellises can surely enhance the look of your place. For larger vineyards that are built for the sole purpose of producing grapes for winemaking, functional trellises are more ideal as no one in the plantation will care if your vines are shaped into dolphins or dinosaurs. Whatever your choice for trellises will be, always remember that you can either assemble them yourself or buy them from some winemaking supply store. If you have a large plantation, it would be wise to have the trellises constructed for you. Most types of trellises are made from iron, aluminum, PVC pipe and even stainless steel.

A grape trellis is required to be in place even before you plant the grapevines. Ideally, it must allow an area of eight by eight feet for each vine. If you are planting in a place where the climate is mostly warm, you can opt for high trellises. But if your place has a longer winter season, you better choose short trellises to protect your vines during the harsh snowy months. Don’t forget to plan out where to erect the posts for your trellis. Most vineyard owners apply cement onto the foundation of the posts just to make sure that they will not be uprooted easily.

After setting up the grape trellis, all you need to do is wait for the vine to sprout. As it grows, you will see a number of shoots coming out of the roots. Select the strongest among all the shoots and attach it to the trellis using strings or a piece of cloth. Later on, the shoot that you have chosen will serve as the main vine whose arms can be developed to bear fruits. When attaching vines to the trellis, you must always try to avoid hurting the shoots.

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