Effective Ways to Control Vineyard Grapes Pests

Planting vineyard grapes is quite hard to do. Aside from thinking about the types of soil, proper spacing of trellises, and even pruning regularly, all vineyard owners need to know how to deal with pests. It seems that insects and animals love grapes as much as humans do. Some of the pests that affect plantation of grapes include animals, insects, and even diseases. Birds and deer are the most common animals that love to eat the berries, while the usual diseases that affect the plant include phomopsis cane, mildew, fungus, black rot and leaf spot.

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You will know that your vineyard grapes are suffering from some kind of disease when you see leaf lesions and discoloration. If you see a thin film-like coating on the leaves of your plant, you should be concerned. This can all cause the berries to decay. The first line of defense that can defeat major diseases of grapes, is fungicide. After spraying this remedy, you will surely see an improvement within a few days or weeks. However, if this does not help improve the condition of your plant, then you might want to look deeper and study the particular type of disease that hit your grapes.

As mentioned earlier, birds and deer are the most common animals that raid vineyard grapes. One of the most effective ways to shoo away flocks of birds is to use nets. You can literally put a net over your plantation. However, it is important to remove the nets at least a month before winter comes. Leaving the nets on the trellises during the cold season might damage the plant’s productivity and growth. If you are dealing with a deer, however, nets might not help. What you can do to drive away deer or birds is to use physical repellants or loud canons that scare them away. However, if your vineyard is just in your backyard, you might need to look for other ways to drive away these animals because the sound of canons could really be irritating. For instance, since coyotes are predators of deer, you might want to use the scent of coyotes as repellant.

When you see holes on the berries or on the leaves of the vineyard grapes, your plantation might be suffering from insect infestation. Some of the most popular insects that love to feed on grape plants include rose chafers and grape berry moths (which eat the berries), grape leafhoppers (which eat the leaves), and Japanese beetles (which inhibits berry production). The best way to deal with these pests is to spray insecticides.

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