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This site is dedicated to increasing your knowledge of the grape growing process. Additionally, we will provide the information you will need to process, bottle and age the wine you produce. Our mission is to spread the knowledge necessary to heighten your appreciation of the wine making experience.

Our ten part mini-course is free of charge and is intended to help you “dip your foot” in the wine making water. If you are motivated and enticed by this information there are other resources on this site that will give you a more in-depth exposure to the whole grape growing and wine making process.

It is our desire to see you succeed. Think about this. You are sitting around the table with dinner guests. You pull out one of your bottles from the wine cellar. You uncork the bottle and pour each guest a glass and sit back and savor the wine. Your guests should be impressed. I know I would be!

Our Total Wine System is the elite level of knowledge that you will need for your winemaking. It provides the grape growing and wine making information necessary to produce your first bottle of wine. Additionally, it includes recommendations for low cost wines and a journal for logging your wine tasting experience. It also includes a dictionary of wine terms.

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