Want Your Own Wine Making Recipe? Experiment.

If you want to create your own winemaking recipe I would suggest you start with an established recipe and then experiment after a batch or two.  The Internet has multiple sites that will offer you a specific recipe for the type of grapes you are using.  Here is an example of a red wine recipe:

As Easy as I Can Make It Red Wine Recipe

For One Gallon

  • 5 lbs of Concorde grapes
  • 2 quarts of water
  • 2 lbs of sugar
  • One pack of wine yeast (good for up to 5 gallons of juice and you can pick up at a wine or brew supply house)
  • OR you can add some bread yeast, but your wine might taste like cider.
  • OR you can also do it the old fashion way, take your chances and not add any yeast and let it naturally ferment.

Lightly crush grapes in a primary fermenting container.
Dissolve sugar in water and add to crushed grapes (must).
Pour one pack of yeast into 2-3 oz of 104F – 109F water. Do not stir and let set for 15 minutes only! Then stir to suspend yeast and add to must.
Stir well and cover fermenter loosely.
Let the must ferment for 7 days, stirring twice daily.
After seven days remove pulp and siphon off liquid through a course strainer into a secondary fermenter. (5 gallon glass jug or one gallon glass containers etc.)
Leave some breathing room in these bottles. Any extra liquid should be kept for topping off when racking. Top with a rubber bung and airlock (pick up at a supply house) or use the ’70’s way and put a balloon on top, secured with a rubber band or good string. (Put one pin hole in balloon if using these method.)
Let ferment 3-4 weeks then rack (siphon off liquid leaving sediment behind) into clean secondary.
Repeat with airlock or balloon method for another 4 – 6 weeks or until fermentation has stopped.
Siphon off and bottle.
Age for one year.

The site, homebrewit.com offers a full array of winemaking kits, and supplies.  It is just one of many sites that offer wine recipes that are available on the Internet. Do a Google search and good hunting!

Keep in mind that you won’t find many top shelf wineries posting their recipe on the Internet.  The best way to develop an exquisite wine is to experiment with a basic recipe by adding additional ingredients like a unique yeast mixture or other items. The basic principle is to follow the recipe as faithfully as possible on the first few batches and then vary the ingredients on subsequent batches.

As you search for the perfect recipe be aware that many countries make wine from ingredients other than the basic grape.  Saki is a rice wine.  I have seen recipes for wine made from carrots, almonds, rosemary and apples.

Other factors beside the basic ingredients used are the fermentation process and the aging time period.  The aging process will affect the final bouquet of the wine.  Some full-bodied wines do well in the bottle over time and some lighter wines are better if consumed soon after bottling.  As you do your homework and I am sure you will find a host of information regarding aging and its beneficial affect on wine.

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